Tofiq Khasay oglu HASANLI

Poet and broadcaster Date of arrest – 12 Oct. 2015 Charges (Article of the Criminal Code) – 234.4.3 -- Narcotics (Illegal purchase or storage with intent to sell, manufacturing, processing, transportation, transfer or selling of narcotics or psychotropic substances, when committed in large amount). Penal facility – Prison No.6 Case summary – Tofig Hasanli was … Continue reading Tofiq Khasay oglu HASANLI

Aziz Garash oglu ORUJOV

Journalist director of Internet TV Channel Date of arrest – 1 June 2017 Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) – 192.2.2 – Unregistered business activity (Implementation of business activity without registration in the order provided by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, or without special sanction (license) in cases when such sanction (license) is mandatory, … Continue reading Aziz Garash oglu ORUJOV

Seymur Mashgul oglu HAZI

Journalist TV presenter and newspaper columnist Date of arrest – 29 August 2014 Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) – 221.3 – hooliganism, committed using items used as a weapon. Penal facility – Prison No. 17 Case summary – Seymur Hazi, a commentator of opposition-leaning Azadliq (Liberty) newspaper and presenter of Azerbaycan Saati (Azerbaijan Hour) … Continue reading Seymur Mashgul oglu HAZI