Life prisoners

Life prisoners list As a war erupted between Azerbaijan and Armenia as a result of separatist developments in Nagorno-Karabakh beginning from 1988 and the collapse of theSoviet Union in the early 1990s, Special Purpose Police Detachment (SPPD) took part in military operations under the leadership of Rovshan Javadov, the commander of this group. Former Special … Continue reading Life prisoners

Nijat Nazim oglu ALIYEV (2012-2019)

JOURNALIST editor-in-chief of "Azad heber" website Date of arrest – 21 May 2012 Charges (2000 Criminal Code) – Importing religious literature (import, sale or distribution of religious literature, religious items and other informational materials of religious nature with the aim of reproduction, sale and distribution without appropriate authorization, when committed by a group of … Continue reading Nijat Nazim oglu ALIYEV (2012-2019)