Tofiq Khasay oglu HASANLI

Poet and broadcaster Date of arrest – 12 Oct. 2015 Charges (Article of the Criminal Code) – 234.4.3 -- Narcotics (Illegal purchase or storage with intent to sell, manufacturing, processing, transportation, transfer or selling of narcotics or psychotropic substances, when committed in large amount). Penal facility – Prison No.6 Case summary – Tofig Hasanli was … Continue reading Tofiq Khasay oglu HASANLI

Seymur Mashgul oglu HAZI

Journalist TV presenter and newspaper columnist Date of arrest – 29 August 2014 Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) – 221.3 – hooliganism, committed using items used as a weapon. Penal facility – Prison No. 17 Case summary – Seymur Hazi, a commentator of opposition-leaning Azadliq (Liberty) newspaper and presenter of Azerbaycan Saati (Azerbaijan Hour) … Continue reading Seymur Mashgul oglu HAZI