Giyas Hasan oglu IBRAHIMOV (2016-2019)

ACTIVIST N!DA youth movement Date of arrest -- 10 May 2016 Charges (20000 Criminal Code) 234.4.1 and 234.4.3 – Narcotics Illegal purchase or storage with intent to sell, manufacturing, processing, transportation, transfer or selling of narcotics or psychotropic substances, when committed, in a large amount, by a group on a prior arrangement) An additional charge … Continue reading Giyas Hasan oglu IBRAHIMOV (2016-2019)

Fikrat Faramaz oglu IBISHBAYLI

Journalist Website editor-in-chief Date of arrest – 30 June 2016 Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) 182.2.1 – extortion, committed by a group of persons on a prior arrangement; 182.2.2 – same action, when committed repeatedly; 182.2.4 – same action, when committed with the purpose of extorting property in a large amount. Penal facility – … Continue reading Fikrat Faramaz oglu IBISHBAYLI