51 political prisoners given presidential pardon

Many more remain behind bars <<2019 releases>> On 16 March, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree pardoning more than four hundred prisoners who had their sentences reduced or were released the following day. Of these, 51 are recognized as political prisoners. The decree came after pervasive pressure from human rights groups and international campaigns, … Continue reading 51 political prisoners given presidential pardon

Giyas Hasan oglu IBRAHIMOV (2016-2019)

ACTIVIST N!DA youth movement Date of arrest -- 10 May 2016 Charges (20000 Criminal Code) 234.4.1 and 234.4.3 – Narcotics Illegal purchase or storage with intent to sell, manufacturing, processing, transportation, transfer or selling of narcotics or psychotropic substances, when committed, in a large amount, by a group on a prior arrangement) An additional charge … Continue reading Giyas Hasan oglu IBRAHIMOV (2016-2019)

Alikram Idris oglu KHURSHUDOV

Politicial activist Date of arrest – 22 November 2017 Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) – 221.3 – Hooliganism... committed with application of a weapon or subjects, used as the weapon; 315.2 – Resistance or application of violence dangerous to life or health concerning the representative of authority. Penal facility – Pre-trial Detention Facility №3 … Continue reading Alikram Idris oglu KHURSHUDOV

Fuad Zafar oglu AHMADLI

Activist Youth committee of Popular Front party Date of arrest – 18 August 2016 Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) – 302.2 – Infringement of privacy (Implementation of operative-search actions by unauthorized persons, as well as implementation of these actions by authorized persons, but without grounds stipulated by the legislation thereby causing essential infringement of … Continue reading Fuad Zafar oglu AHMADLI

Fuad Ali oglu GAHRAMANLI 

political activist Date of arrest – 8 December 2015 Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) – 220.2 – Calling for active insubordination towards legal requirements of representatives of the authority and to mass disorder, as well as violence against citizens; 281.2 – public appeals for the violent capture of authority, violent deduction of authority or … Continue reading Fuad Ali oglu GAHRAMANLI