Life Prisoners (16 names)

Name R. arrested sentence
AMIRASLANOV Elchin S. [Russ.] 10 December 1996 Life imprisonment
KAZIMOV Arif N. [Russ.] 10 December 1996 Life imprisonment
POLADOV Safa A. [Russ.] 10 December 1996 life imprisonment

Source – March 2018 report (WGUL)

Gaibov Intigam Yusif oglu [Russ.]
Huseynov Magsud Vagif oglu [Russ.]
Huseynov Vagif Rza oglu [Russ.]
Ismayilov Rashid Nurulla oglu [Russ.]
Kazimov Arif Nasir oglu [Russ.]
Kerimov Dayanat Kerim oglu [Russ.]
Kerimov Karamat Pasha oglu [Russ.]
Mammedaliyev Sahib Hurradin oglu [Russ.]
Mustafayev Elshad Teyyub oglu [Russ.]
Mustafayev Hasan Huseyn oglu [Russ.]
Mustafayev Magsad Teyyub oglu [Russ.]
Shahmuradov Yashar Khazay oglu [Russ.]
Tahirov Aliyusif Damat oglu [Russ.]

Source — 2014 IPD report

The 2014 IPD report on political prisoners mentions 16 names. They were variously involved or accused of involvement in several cases: the SPD unit; the case of Surat Huseynov, former prime minister; and the Galangush detachment.

Two of that group died in custody between 2014 and 2017.

In this category the March 2018 report includes only the three convicted for their part in the SPD unit.