Leyla Islam gyzy Yunus (2014-2015)

<<Released in 2015>>

Director of Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD)

Arrested — 30 July 2014

Charged — In addition to treason and fraud on a particularly large scale, Leyla Yunus  was charged under Articles 213, 192 and 320, respectively, with tax evasion, illegal enterprise and falsifying documents.

Sentence — 8 years and six months’ imprisonment (//date September 2015)

Case summary —

Penal Instituion — Kyurdakhani pre-trial detentioni centre No 2

Date and circumstances of release — house arrest as measure of restraint, date;
living in Netherlands since // 2016

Source: Yunus’s book (Russian edn, 2018)

See Arif Yunus (released)