Masally, list 2 (2012)

Surname Name R. arrested sentence
AGHALI Rza G. [Russ.] 9 September 2012 seven years
TAHIROV Ziya I. [Russ.] 9 September 2012 seven years
GULIYEV Araz [Russ.] 9 September 2012 eight years
KAZIMOV Khalid N. [Russ.] 14 September 2012 eight years

Arrested together with journalist Araz Guliyev, these three men are residents of the Masalli District (southeast Azerbaijan) and practising Muslims. Some are friends of Guliyev, one (Nijat Aliyev) is a relative of his, and the others are his acquaintances. Some of them helped Guliyev gather information for the website he edited. Others also attended the peaceful protest against the hijab ban at schools in late 2010.

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Source : March 2018 report