Islamic Party, list 2 (2011)

Surname Name R.   arrested sentence
SAMADOV Dayanat A. (Russ.) 8 January 2011 10 years
MAMMADRZAYEV Firdovsi T. (Russ.) 12 January 2011 10 years
SAMADOV Movsum (Russ.) 20 January 2011 12 years
AKHUNDZADE Rufulla H. (Russ.) 21 January 2011 11 years, six months
ABBASOV Faramiz Z. (Russ.) 24 January 2011 11 years

On 7 October 2011, the Baku Serious Crimes Court sentenced Movsum Samadov and his six co-defendants to terms of imprisonment from 10 to 12 years. Mikayilzade received an 11- year suspended sentence, with a five-year probationary period. The Baku Court of Appeal upheld the decision on 17 May 2012, followed by the Supreme Court on 21 February 2013.


The Islamic Party of Azerbaijan (IPA) was founded in 1991 in Baku and registered with the state in 1992. Although the IPA’s registration was revoked in 1995 by the Supreme Court, its activity was not actually banned. Thus, the party is still operating without registration. When Haji Movsum Samadov was elected as the Party Chairman in 2007, the party applied to the Ministry of Justice for registration. The Ministry did not register the party.

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Source, March 2018 report