Mammad Aziz oglu IBRAHIM

Ibrahim Mammad A.

Personal Facebook page

Political activist

Popular Front Party adviser

Date of arrest – 30 September 2015

Charge (2000 Criminal Code) –

221.2.2 – Hooliganism (committed by resisting a representative of authority or another person implementing his duty to protect the public order or preventing a violation of public order).

Place of detention – Prison No. 16

Case summary – Mammad Ibrahim is an advisor to the chairman of opposition Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) and a member of the Political Council of the party. He criticized the government on Facebook and other online platforms. He was one of the active organizers of party events and protest actions.

Mammad Ibrahim was detained two days after the Congress of APFP held on 28 September on the basis of a complaint filed by Mikayil Guliyev, who had left APFP in February 2015. Razi Nurullayev and other persons who left the party along with him created another party with the same name as an alternative to APFP. This was used by the Ministry of Justice to refuse to register the results of the Congress. The court did not grant lawsuits filed in this regard.

Two months later, the investigation added several more persons as victims in addition to Mikayil Guliyev, claiming that they were also victims of Mammad Ibrahim’s hooliganism acts and adding to the initial charge. Oruj Valiyev and Mahammad Gurbanov testified that they suffered damage when they were trying to separate Mikayil Guliyev and Mammad Ibrahim during an incident between them. However, Mammad Ibrahim did not know these two persons at all and the investigation added no evidence to the case proving otherwise. Moreover, in the hearing at Narimanov District Court, it was revealed that Mikayil Guliyev himself does not know the other two victims either.

Observation of court proceedings shows that there are strong inconsistencies between the initial testimony given by Mikayil Guliyev and the one he gave at court. He failed to explain what made it necessary to present Ibrahim as an advisor of APFP chairman in his complaint to police. After giving a testimony on 28 December 2015 and answering questions of lawyers, Mikayil Guliyev stated that he wanted to withdraw his complaint; in the courtroom, he wrote an application for truce, which was added to the case file.

The other two alleged victims also gave inconsistent testimonies during court proceedings. They failed to explain when they complained to the police, how they got to know Mammad Ibrahim or how they learned his name.

Sentence – On 15 March 2016, Narimanov District Court Judge Turgay Huseynov sentenced Mammad Ibrahim to 3 years in jail. On 13 May 2016, Baku Court of Appeal (presiding judge Aflatun Gasimov) upheld the sentence. Cassation appeal from this judgement was rejected on 28 September 2016 by the Supreme Court (presiding judge Ilham Jafarov).

Mammad Ibrahim was transferred to the Treatment Facility of the Penitentiary Service on 16 July 2016. He was taken to the hospital due to a broken collarbone that necessitated surgery.