Ilgar Aliniyaz oglu KHALILOV


Mingachevir resident

Date of arrest – 22 August 2015

Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) –

228.4 – Illegal purchase, selling or carrying of gas weapon, cold steel, including cold steel throwing weapon;

233 – Organization of actions, roughly breaking a social order or as well as active participation in such actions;

315.2 – Application of violence, dangerous to life or health concerning the representative of authority in connection with performance of official duties.

Penal facility – Medical Facility No.3 for prisoners suffering from tuberculosis

Case summary – Khalilov was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months of imprisonment with a decision of Mingachevir City Court (Judge Rasim Kazimov) on 20 June 2016. Shaki Court of Appeal (presiding judge Elchin Huseynov) upheld the initial decision on 16 December 2016.

Khalilov has serious health conditions; he underwent a reconstructive surgery and has a scans pin in his leg. Also, he suffers from tuberculosis and was placed to the medical facility for prisoners with tuberculosis.