Elchin Samad oglu AMIRASLANOV

Life prisoners

Amiraslanov Elchin S.

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Former SPD officer

Date of arrest – 10 December 1996

Charges (1960 Criminal Code) –

57 – High treason;

57-1, Part 2 – Use of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other armed units established by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan against the Azerbaijani people or constitutional state bodies, resulting in grave consequences; and Article 15 – Preparation of a crime or attempting a crime;

59, Part 1 – killing a state figure or public figure or representative of authority under political motivation; and Article 17 – participation in a crime;

59, Part 1 – killing a state figure or public figure or representative of authority under political motivation; and Articles 15 – Preparation of a crime or attempting a crime, and 17 – participation in a crime;

59 – killing a state figure or public figure or representative of authority under political motivation;

70 – Organizing armed bands to attack state bodies, offices, organizations or public enterprises, offices, organizations or individuals, or participation in such bands and the attacks organized by them;

70-2, Part 1 – Establishing armed units or groups not envisaged in legislation, as well as participating in the establishment or operation thereof, supplying them with arms, weapons, explosives, military hardware or military equipment;

70-2, Part 3 – Attacking state or public institutions, offices, organizations or individuals in the composition of armed units or groups not envisaged in legislation, leading to death of people or other grave consequences;

71 – Smuggling, that is the transfer of goods and other valuable things through the state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan by hiding them in special storage points, or using customs documents and other documentation for deceiving, committed in a large amount or by a group of persons organized to engage in contraband or an officeholder who uses his official position, as well as smuggling explosives, stupefying, strongly influencing or poisoning substances, arms and ammunition, or military equipment); and Articles 15 (preparation of a crime and attempting a crime) and 17, participation in a crime;

94, Part 3 – Killing a victim with respect to his fulfilment of his service or public duty;

95 – Deliberate murder of a person with no aggravating elements (greediness, hooliganism, murdering the victim with respect to his implementation of his job or public duties, murdering two or more persons, murdering a woman who is pregnant, murdering a person with special brutality or in a manner that is dangerous for a number of persons; murdering people with the view to hide another murder or ease fulfilment of it, as well as with regard to raping, deliberate murder of person by a recidivist with special danger or a person who has been earlier convicted (enumerated in Article 94);

120, Part 2 – Deprivation of freedom through a method which is dangerous for the victim’s life or health or by physically tormenting;

145, Part 2, paragraphs 1, 2, 5 and 6 – Robbery committed by a group of persons on a prior arrangement using arms or other objects used as arms, by a person who has earlier committed robbery or banditry with the goal of seizing state property, public property or citizens’ personal property, or robbery that inflicted damage to the victim in large amount, that is, an attack related to dangerous violence or a threat to commit such violence endangering health or life of the person who was subjected to the attack, aimed to seize the citizen’s personal property;

146 – Extortion through threat, that is, requiring a citizen to hand over his right to personal property or undertake actions assuming property by threatening to use violence on the victim or his relatives, disseminating discrediting information about him or destroying his property;

194, Part 1 – Making, falsifying, or selling documents that give authority or release from duties or deliberately using falsified documents, as well as making, selling or acquiring false stamps, seals or forms of state institutions, offices, organizations or public institutions, offices, organizations with the view to prepare false documentation;

207, Parts 2 – Biased hooliganism, that is, actions that are of distinctively exceptional impudence or special uncontrollability, or related to resisting a representative of authority or a representative of the public fulfilling his duty to protect public order or resisting other citizens overcoming acts of hooliganism, as well as acts committed by a person convicted earlier for hooliganism;

and 3, Hooliganism committed by using or attempting to use a fire-arm, knife, knuckleduster or other side-arms, as well as by other objects specially made to injure body);

220, Parts 1 – Carrying, storing, acquiring, making or selling firearms (except for smooth-bore hunting rifles) or ammunition or explosive substances;

220, Part 2 – Carrying, making or selling daggers, Finnish knives, and other side-arms except in cases when they are considered elements of national costumes without permit;

Part 3 of Article 220-1, Part 3 – Stealing firearms (except for smooth-bore hunting weapons and ammunition) or ammunition or explosive substances through a mugging attack or by a particularly dangerous recidivist.

Penal facility – Gobustan Prison

Sentence – Amiraslanov, Kazimov, and Poladov were sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan on 28 November 1997, based on the 1960 Criminal Code of Soviet Azerbaijan (law of 8 December 1960). At the time, the law did not permit appeals against the decision.

A 22 September 2000 decision of the Supreme Court amended Amiraslanov’s sentence to 15 years’ loss of liberty. However, the same decision upheld his previous sentence of lifetime imprisonment (his initial sentence of the death penalty was changed to lifetime imprisonment).

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