Sahib Firuddin oglu HABIBOV

Post-Nardaran arrests

Date of arrest – 5 November 2015

Charges: Articles

221.2.2 (Hooliganism, that is the deliberate actions roughly breaking a social order, expressing obvious disrespect for a society, accompanying with application of violence on citizens or threat of its application, as well as destruction or damage of another’s property committed with resistance to representative of the authority, acting as on protection of a social order or stopping infringement of a social order or with resistance to another person) and

315.1. (Application of violence, resistance with application of violence concerning the representative of authority in connection with performance of official duties by him or application of the violence not dangerous to life or health concerning his close relatives, as well as threat of application of such violence

Penal facility – // not known

Case summary – On 22 July 2016 with a judgement of the Sabunchu District Court (presiding judge Suleyman Aghayev) was sentenced to 4 years, 11 months and 7 days of imprisonment.