Rufulla Hojatullah oglu AKHUNDZADE

Akhundzade Ruhulla H.Islamic Party arrests

Date of arrest – 21 January 2011

Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) –

28 & 214.2.1 – preparation of a crime, by a group on a prior arrangement, an organized gang or a criminal union/organization);

28 & 214.2.3 – preparation to crime, using firearms or objects used as a weapon;

228.3 – Illegal purchase, transfer, selling, storage, transportation and carrying of fire-arms, their accessories, supplies (smooth-bore hunting weapon and supplies thereof excluded) or explosives;

278 – actions aimed at usurping state power or forcible retention of power in violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as forcible change of constitutional structure of the state.

283.1 – Incitement of national, racial, social or religious hatred and hostility, humiliation of national dignity, as well as restriction of citizens’ rights, or establishment of the superiority of citizens on the basis of their national, racial or religious background, committed publicly or through use of mass media.

Penal facility – Prison No. 15

Sentence – On 7 October 2011, Baku Court of Grave Crimes sentenced Akhundzade to 11.5 years’ loss of liberty. The Baku Court of Appeal upheld the decision on 17 May 2012, and the Supreme Court upheld the decision on 21 February 2013.