Ziya Alirza oglu ASADLI


Newspaper and TV

Date of arrest – 5 September 2017 (in the courtroom)

Penal facility – Baku Pre-Trial Detention Facility

Charges (article of the Criminal Code) –

221.3 — Hooliganism (committed using items as a weapon)

Case description – Ziya Asadli resides in Bilasuvar district of Azerbaijan and is a regional correspondent of opposition Azadliq newspaper and critical satellite TV program Azerbaijani hour, broadcasting its programs from France. His critical video reports about social problems of Bilasuvar district had been regularly broadcasted in Azerbaijani Hour dispatches.

Criminal charge against him was based on a claim that the journalist had committed hooliganism in the tea house in Bilasuvar district. According to indictment, in an incident occurred on 19 April 2017, Asadli has allegedly insulted Aslan Hasanov, who owns a tea house in Bilasuvar city, and harmed him with his Samsung phone, which the investigation identified as a “cold steel weapon”. The criminal case was started based on the incident on 26 April 2017 with a charge of 221.1 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism) but later was qualified to the article 221.3 (hooliganism, committed using items used as a weapon).

Asadli was indicted on 27 May 2017 and placed under police control during the investigation and trial.

Sentence — On 05 September 2017 Ziya Asadli was sentenced by Bilasuvar District Court judge Ramiz Nurullayev to three years loss of liberty and arrested in the court room.

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