Sabunchu protest (list)

Surname Name date arrested sentence (years)
AHMADOV Latif S. 05 November 2015 6
ALIYEV Anar Yu. 05 Nov. 2015 6
BUNYADOV Elkhan H. 05 Nov. 2015 6
RZAYEV Sahil H. 05 Nov. 2015 6.5
VALIYEV Niftali A. 05 Nov. 2015 6

Following the arrest of Elchin Gasimov, deputy head of the Muslim Unity Movement (MUM) on 5 November, a group of people gathered in front of the Sabunchu District Police Office to learn the reason of his arrest and call for his release were detained.

These people were sentenced by Sabunchu District Court to the highest allowable imprisonment under the charges brought against them. On 3 August 2016, the Sabunchu district court (judge Suleyman Agayev) sentenced five men to terms of imprisonment of approximately 6 years each. E.Bunyadov to 6 years 1 month 15 days, L.Ahmadov to 5 yrs 11 month 20 days, A. Aliyev to 5 yrs 11 months, S. Rzayev to 6 yrs 5 months 15 days and N. Valiyev to 5 yrs 11 months 10 days in prison.

They appealed against the judgment. The decision was upheld by Baku Appeal Court (chairing judge Vugar Mammadov) on 08 May 2017 and The Supreme Court (chairing judge Gulzar Rzayeva) on 28 November 2017.

Complete Sabunchu narrative 

Source: March 2018 report


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