Hijab protest (list)

Surname Name arrested sentence
AGHADADASHOV Tarlan F. 5 Oct. 2012 5.5*
ALLAHVERDIYEV Rovshan H. 5 Oct. 2012 5.5*
HATAMOV Ilham B. 5 Oct. 2012 5.5*
KARIMOV David T. 5 Oct. 2012 6*
RZAYEV Elshad F. 23 Feb. 2013 6
SHIRALIYEV Telman Sh. 05 Oct. 2012 6*

* Sentence ends in 2018

The second mass protest against the 2010 ban on wearing the hijab to school took place before the Ministry of Education on 5 October 2012. (5 October is celebrated as the Day of Teachers in Azerbaijan, and this day was selected symbolically to draw attention to the situation.)

Police efforts to disperse the peaceful action through force led to confrontations. Consequently, the number of detainees exceeded that of those arrested on 6 May 2011. Both protesters and police employees sustained physical injuries. All persons arrested for attending the protest are included in this list.

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Source: March 2018 list