Gozal Oruj qizi Bayramli

political activist

Deputy chair of Popular Front Party

Bayramli Gozal O.

Personal Facebook page

Date of arrest – 25 May 2017

Charges (article of the Criminal Code) –

206.1 – Smuggling

(moving large amount through customs border of the Azerbaijan Republic of goods or other subjects, except for ones which provided in article 206.2 of the present Code, committed except or with concealment from the customs control or with use of false documents or means of customs identification or connected with undeclared or doubtful declaring.)

Penal facility – Ganja Pre-trial Detention Facility

Case summary – A smear campaign in a government-controlled media accused Gozal Bayramli, deputy chair of opposition Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) in smuggling illegal funds from Georgia to Azerbaijan with purpose of organizing unrest (see the case of journalist Afgan Mukhtarli).

Few weeks after the articles, on 25 May, Bayramli was detained at the Georgian- Azerbaijani border and he was charged with smuggling 12,000 USD without declaration. The Sabail district Court sentenced her to three months of pre-trial detention.

Bayramli’s lawyer lodged a motion requesting fingerprint examination of money and wrapping of the money allegedly found on Bayramli in order to identify the owner of the item. Another motion on examination of video footage from surveillance cameras of the border crossing station that Bayramli used to cross into the country was raised on 25 May. However, the decision of her pre-trial detention was adopted without considering these motions and other important issues necessary for objective investigation of the case.

Bayramli continues to be subjected to repeated pressure after being transferred to the detention centre. She is denied her medication and proper treatment despite the seriousness of her medical condition, while visits by family members and phone calls are restricted.

Sentence – On 23 January 2018 Gazakh District Court (judge Agharza Samadov) sentenced Gozal Bayramli to three years’ loss of liberty.


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