Gasimov case (list)

Surname Name arrested sentence
AKHUNDOV Elgun A. 01 Dec. 2015 12.5
ALISH Vusal N. 02 Dec. 2015 12.5
ALIYEV Amirali I. 03 Dec. 2015 12
ALIYEV Ramil Z. 08 Dec. 2015 12
ASLANOV Seimur T. 23 Dec. 2015 12
GAHRAMANOV Nahid N. 02 Dec. 2015 13
GASIMOV Elchin K. 05 Nov. 2015 15
IBRAHIMOV Isa T. 18 Dec. 2015 12.5
ISKANDAROV Elkhan S. 15 Mar 2017 Custody
MURADOV Farhad M. 07 Dec. 2015 12.5
SHAHBAZOV Alibey A. 02 Dec. 2015 12
SHIRVANOV Seyfaddin N. 09 Dec. 2015 12.5
YAHYAYEV Aga-ali E. 05 Nov. 2015 15

On date//, Baku Grave Crimes Court (judge Mayil Bayramov) sentenced Elchin Gasimov and his 11 co-defendants to terms of imprisonment ranging from 12-15 years on charges of //

Iskandarov was picked up in spring last year and has not yet been prosecuted.


Elchin Gasimov, one of the main figures of the Muslim Unity Movement, was arrested by police officers on his way home from a mosque in the evening hours and taken to Sabunchu District Police Office. On 6 November, Sabunchu District Court sentenced him to 30 days of administrative detention, charging him with resisting police. Baku Court of Appeal upheld the sentence.

On 27 November, a day after the operation carried out in Nardaran, which was 22nd day of his arrest, Gasimov faced criminal charges for the actions that had caused administrative detention. He was sentenced to pre-trial detention as an accused person on a criminal case (in fact, he was twice prosecuted for the same action). Shortly afterwards, he faced the same charges brought against some of the persons arrested in Nardaran settlement (see the cases of Baghirzade and others above). A gun was claimed to have been found by the search of his house.

Gasimov case (narrative) …

Source:  March 2018 report

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