Fuad Zafar oglu AHMADLI


Youth committee of Popular Front party

Ahmadli Zafar A.

Personal Facebook page

Date of arrest – 18 August 2016

Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) –

302.2 – Infringement of privacy (Implementation of operative-search actions by unauthorized persons, as well as implementation of these actions by authorized persons, but without grounds stipulated by the legislation thereby causing essential infringement of rights and interests of a person which are protected by the law, with use of special means, intended for secret dredging the information);

308.1 – Abuse of authority (Abuse of official powers, that is, in the exercise of his (or her) official functions, use by an officeholder of his (or her) official powers, in deliberate contradiction to the official interests, with the purpose of obtaining illegal advantage for himself (or herself) or third persons or failure to use these powers when the official interests require to do so, thereby causing substantial damage to the rights and legitimate interests of natural and legal persons, or to the interest of the state or society protected by law).

Penal facility – Prison №16

Case summary – Fuad Ahmadli, the head of the Youth Committee of APFP Khatai District Office, was arrested by the officers of State Security Service (SSS) before his apartment was searched. It was claimed that the search revealed leaflets with speeches of Fethullah Gulen, documents about so-called Gulen cemaati (Gulen’s community) group and persons who are called Hizmet ‘imams’ and their mutual links, religious literature and electronic media promoting so-called Fethullahism. The parents of Ahmadli denied this claim.

When the youth activist was arrested, no information was provided to his relatives. Within 10 days of his arrest, no call was made to his family, nor was he able to meet his lawyer. SSS told the lawyer that Ahmadli had been taken away from there, adding that the case was under investigation at the General Prosecutor’s Office. However, 10 days later it became clear that he was held in SSS’ detention facility and the lawyer was able to meet him. The youth activist was later transferred to Baku Pre-trial Detention Facility.

Fuad Ahmadli was one of the activists standing out in social networking sites and protest actions. He was subject to administrative detention twice, before and after protest actions in 2015 for 25 and 10 days, respectively.

Sentence – The Baku Grave Crimes Court (chaired by judge Fikrat Garibov) sentenced Ahmadli to four years loss of liberty on 16 June 2017.


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