Aziz Garash oglu ORUJOV


Arujov Aziz G.

Personal Facebook page

director of Internet TV Channel

Date of arrest – 1 June 2017

Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) –

192.2.2 – Unregistered business activity (Implementation of business activity without registration in the order provided by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, or without special sanction (license) in cases when such sanction (license) is mandatory, or with infringement of conditions of licensing, which caused damage to citizens, organizations or state in the significant size, as well as committed with extraction of income in the significant size);

308.2 – Abusing official powers (that is deliberate, contrary to interests of service, use by the official of service powers from self-interest or other personal interest, causing essential harm to rights and legitimate interests of citizens or organizations or protected by law interests of a society or state, entailed heavy consequences).

Penal facility – Baku Pre-trial Detention Facility

Case summary – Director of internet TV Kanal 13 (Channel 13) which had been operating since 2008, was detained and sentenced to 30 days of administrative detention for disobeying police orders – fabricated charges commonly used against activists in Azerbaijan. On the day he was to be released, criminal charges were brought against him and the Nasimi district Court sentenced Orujov to four months of pre-trial detention.

The criminal charges are related to the Caucasus Media Research Centre and its project Kanal 13. However, Aziz Orujov is not the chair of the organization, which is led by his brother Anar Orujov who left the country following the government’s crackdown on civil society in 2014. Anar Orujov currently lives in Germany. Aziz Orujov has not signed any documents related to the organization. Kanal 13 was forced to suspend its operations following his arrest.

Azizov was subjected to pressure after he was transferred to the detention centre where his right to visits and phone calls were restricted. Despite the unbearable heat in his cell, he was not allowed to bring in a fan which is permitted to other inmates. Azizov fainted in his cell due to very high heat.

Sentence – Baku Grave Crimes Court (chaired by Mirza Khankishiyev) sentenced Aziz Orujov to six years loss of liberty on 15 December 2017.


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