Asif Gambar oglu YUSIFLI

Political activist

Popular Front Party adviser

Yusifli Asif G.

personal Facebook page

Date of arrest – 25 December 2014

Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) –

178.2.4 – Fraud
(that is, seizure of another person’s property or purchase of his property rights by deceit or abuse of confidence, thereby inflicting damage in large size);

320.1 – Forgery
(forging a certificate or another official document providing rights or exempting from duties, in order to use or sell that document, as well as making for the same purposes, or selling forged state awards of Azerbaijan Republic, stamps, seals, forms).

Penal facility – Prison No.6

Case summary – Asif Yusifli was advisor to the chairman of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, and a member of the Presidium of the party. On the day of his arrest, Asif Yusifli had visited the party office together with the APFP Narimanov Office chairman Haji Abbasli by car. On the way back, Abbasli stepped out to buy cigarettes. When he returned to the car, Yusifli was gone.

It was later revealed that Asif Yusifli was detained by officers of the Organized Crime Department of the Interior Ministry.

Sentence — On 31 July 2015, Baku Court of Grave Crimes sentenced Asif Yusifli to 7.5 years’ loss of liberty. Baku Court of Appeal upheld the sentence on 9 October 2015.

The Supreme Court (presiding judge Ali Seyfaliyev) later reduced the sentence to 6 years. With a consideration of the changes to the criminal legislation related to the notion of pecuniary damage Nizami District Court changed the qualification of the crime from the 178.3.2 of the Criminal Code to the article 178.2.4. As a result of this the regime of the imprisonment has been changed but the length of the prison term was not shortened. Later with a decision of the Supreme Court (presiding judge Ingilab Nasirov) dated from 02 March 2017, the prison term was reduced to 5 years.

Yusifli is a Karabakh war-disabled veteran. Shortly before his arrest, he was operated on his foot. He has two underage children, one of which suffers from severe type of diabetes.


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