Alikram Idris oglu KHURSHUDOV

Politicial activist

Date of arrest – 22 November 2017

Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) –

221.3 – Hooliganism… committed with application of a weapon or subjects, used as the weapon;

315.2 – Resistance or application of violence dangerous to life or health concerning the representative of authority.

Penal facility – Pre-trial Detention Facility №3 (Shuvelan)

Case summary – Alikram Khurshidov (b. 1978), a resident of Shirvan, was detained on 22 November 2017. Shirvan district Court chose remand in detention measure on 24 November 2017. Shirvan Appeal court rejected the complaint from this decision on 1 December 2017.

Khurshidov is a member of Musavat party since 2003. In 2015 he was elected to chair Shirvan district branch of the party, which, according to party leadership, had positive impact, as Shirvan branch has played active role in 2015 parliamentary elections.

Khurshidov has been very active in social networks, actively criticizing policies of president Ilham Aliyev and district officials in his blog posts in Facebook.

Up to his arrest Khurshidov worked as a repairman on contract basis, doing repair and renovation works in individual apartments and houses. One month prior to his arrest a resident of Shirvan insistently asked him to do repair works in his house. Khurshidov started work in the man’s house, although he had been warned about ill-reputation of the person, who, according to warnings had close relations with police officers.

On the day of arrest, Khurshidov completed his daily work and was about to leave. When he was changing his work clothes to casual attire, the husband of the woman started a fight,blaming him in having an affair with his wife. He pulled Khurshidov to the street and started beating him there (medical experts confirmed injuries of Khurshidov). A woman – the owner of the house called the police claiming that Khurshidov started the fight. Police which appeared surprisingly soon, claimed that Khurshidov threw stones on them and harmed them. He was brought to police and protocol was compiled based on the house-owner, his wife’s and police officers. The criminal case was started based on Hooliganism charge – Articles 221.2.2 and 221.3.

Indictment — On 6 January 2017 Khurshidov was finally indicted with Articles 221.3 and 315.2. If found guilty he may face three to seven years prison term.

Khurshidov is married, has daughter of minor age.


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