Afgan H. SADIGOV (Released)


Sadigov Afgan H.

Personal Facebook page

Editor in chief of TV website

Date of arrest – 22 November 2016

Penal facility – Prison No. 17

Charges (articles of the Criminal Code) –

127.1. — deliberate infliction of minor injury (Deliberate causing of less serious harm to the health which was not dangerous to life of a victim and did not bring to any consequences, provided in article 126 of the Criminal Code, but which has caused a long frustration to health or significant loss of general work capacity less than on one third part of it.)

Case summary

Afgan Hatam oglu Sadigov is an editor in chief of the website. He was a journalist who highlighted flaws and problems occurring in his home Region Jalilabad on the mentioned website as well as on his Facebook page. Being an administrator of the Facebook page named “Bizim Jalilabad” (Our Jalilabad) he was publishing materials criticizing local executive power office on this page. The journalist who was publishing critical texts and video materials many times informed public that he was repeatedly persuaded by the Head of Executive Power Office of the Region Aziz Azizov to stop these publications and later he was threatened by him.

The charges were brought against the journalist after another call to the Executive Power Office of the Jalilabad Region. On 9 August 2016, he was invited to the Executive Power Office and was asked by its head Aziz Azizov to publish less critical posts and was proposed money in return. Azimov refused to take the money and while he was trying to leave the office he was attacked by an unknown woman and was beaten by her. Journalist momentarily moved away from the woman and escaped the building. However, right after the incident the woman applied to the police and stated that she was physically attacked by the journalist and asked for his punishment.

Police immediately issued an indictment order against the journalist and issued a measure prohibiting him not to go on elsewhere. Based only on the evidence from the woman and without any other evidence the case was sent to the Regional Court and Court issued a pretrial detention decision on the preparatory hearing. The latter hearings were conducted in haste and without detailed investigation or any evidence proving the journalist being involved in the criminal act.

Sentence – With the decision of the District Court of Jalilabad dated on 12 January 2017, Sadigov was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months loss of liberty. The Shirvan Appeals Court (chaired by judge Alasgar Novruzov) upheld the decision of the lower court on 25 May 2017.

07 November 2017 the Supreme Court reduced the sentence to 18 months imprisonment.

Release — reduced sentence ended on 22 May 2018.


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