51 political prisoners given presidential pardon

Many more remain behind bars <<2019 releases>> On 16 March, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree pardoning more than four hundred prisoners who had their sentences reduced or were released the following day. Of these, 51 are recognized as political prisoners. The decree came after pervasive pressure from human rights groups and international campaigns, … Continue reading 51 political prisoners given presidential pardon

Life prisoners (narratives)

«List of life prisoners» Text of 2016 CDPP report (in English) Two have died in custody since 2014. Fourteen remain … Новый Уголовный Кодекс АР, в котором предусмотрена такая мера наказания, как пожизненное заключение, вошел в силу в 2000 г. В действующем до 2000 г. старом Уголовном Кодексе не было предусмотрено пожизненного заключения, а была … Continue reading Life prisoners (narratives)

Huseynov Vagif Rza oglu

«Life Prisoners» Former PM Surat Huseynov case Arrest -- Charges -- Case summary -- Sentence -- 1994 death penalty; commuted to life imprisonment Penal facility -- Gobustan Prison Died in custody (by December 2017) Sources -- IPD report, June 2014 CDPP report, December 2017